Robert Smock

Letter: Aspects of oil spill reek of impropriety


The announcement by President Obama that we would resume offshore drilling was met with seething anger from the environmentalists.... Read more

Letter: Obama, Congress fail on immigration


Arizona is struggling to survive the influx of illegal aliens. Crime is rampant, budgets are being overwhelmed and services stretched... Read more

Letter: Obama sold the voters a bill of goods


Do Democrats live in the same America I know?

How could a people speaking the same language -- benefiting from the same... Read more

Letter: Vote Congress out, save our country


Democrats are gloating over passage of this health-care disaster as if it were a great victory! Their "victory" was obtained over the... Read more

Letter: Don't push socialism on the people...

A recent Gallup poll indicates that a majority of Democrats (61 percent) believe that socialism is preferable to capitalism!

President Obama... Read more

Letter: Government fiddles while nation burns

At least 19 states have passed legislation reaffirming their sovereignty under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. They refuse to be bound by... Read more

Obama, Congress grow more imperious

Yes indeed, the country is in a sad state of affairs.

We have a president who thinks he is the new messiah and therefore infallible. We... Read more

Energy policy makes little sense

Oil will be in our future for a long time yet, as there is not now and will not be a viable alternative energy source for many years to come. It... Read more

Democrats blind to very real dangers

Many, if not most, Democrats subscribe to the notion that the world is a place of sweetness and light. If only America would stop making trouble,... Read more