Robert Smock

Letter: France treated shabbily

When the Democrats controlled the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to allow votes on legislation passed by the House of Representatives... Read more

Letter: Dems haven't changed...

Jonathan Gruber, one of the principal architects of Obamacare, has revealed the strategy behind the bill – lie about it and depend on the... Read more

Letter: Nunn, Obama bad news

Just who is Michelle Martin? Would anyone recognize her candidacy under her husband’s last name? What has she done that qualifies her to be a U.S... Read more

Letter: Radical Muslims threaten

It seems the liberal mind cannot comprehend the fact that there are people who do not respond well to our attempts at being nice. Liberal thinking... Read more

Letter: Obama's true colors show...

President Obama, being true to his socialist/communist upbringing, began to assert those beliefs in his policies, words, and actions soon after... Read more

Letter: Bergdahl deal disgraceful

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is being treated as a hero, and I assume most people are glad for his release by the Taliban. This is purely a political move... Read more

Letter: Rule of law being ignored

In a cynical political move designed to protect Democratic candidates in the next election cycle, President Obama has illegally suspended the... Read more

Letter: Dems mistreat citizens

January’s official unemployment rate, as announced by the U.S. Department of Labor, is 6.6 percent. That does not count the number of people who... Read more

Letter: Nation's future at stake...

Our two-party system naturally creates an adversarial relationship between the opposing sides.

Many people wrongly believe that the party in... Read more

Letter: Here's 'unaffordable' care...

We live not in a democracy but in a republic founded under democratic principles, and there are laws that protect people from the tyranny of mob... Read more