Robert Sheffer

Letter: Gosnell can't be ignored...

My guess is that most Americans would not recognize the name Kermit Gosnell. Why? Because of the political agenda of the mainstream media.

... Read more

Letter: Obama preparing his next power grab

The recent battle over the sequester budget cuts and several other issues facing our nation merely are a smokescreen for what actually is... Read more

Letter: It's a post-Christian nation...

The results of the presidential election last month left me with some degree of shock and trepidation. However, after having some time now to... Read more

Letter: Look at our ups and downs

What’s up and what’s down since November 2008?

The chance of finding a job is down; 13 million are looking but can’t find one. The odds you... Read more

Letter: Know facts on Ryan plan

Regarding Victor Reilly’s letter “An informed vote is vital” (Sept. 21): This title is the only statement in his letter I agree with. “Correct”... Read more

Letter: Writer misunderstands

It is difficult not to respond to the continuous flow of false statements made by some in the opinion section. This is the case with the letter... Read more

Letter: Who's owed an apology?...

I read with great amusement the May 28 letter from Kevin Palmer (“President owed an apology”).

His letter contends that President Obama’s... Read more

Letter: Barrow still throws in with Democrats


I have attempted unsuccessfully to contact Rep. John Barrow with a very important question regarding his vote on the recently passed... Read more