Rob Feero

Letter: Plan's claims untruthful...

The Federal Trade Commission is assigned to enforce a law commonly known as “truth in advertising.” This law is designed to protect all consumers... Read more

Letter: Predictions coming to pass

On July 12, union boss James Hoffa, in an open letter to The Wall Street Journal, complained about the disasters of Obamacare and the... Read more

Letter: Work to become great again

President Obama, our beloved campaigner-in-chief, has decided to focus again on jobs. Remember the summer of jobs in 2010 and the pledge of... Read more

Letter: Quit numbers game

Federal spending is scheduled to go up for fiscal year 2013. In spite of sequestration, our spending still is going up, yet we still are... Read more

Letter: Government has economics backward

The lunacy that unemployment checks are an economic stimulus is being touted by the very politicians who are delaying the natural cyclical... Read more

Letter: Don't enforce our laws selectively...


A judge blocked provisions of the Arizona immigration law that were widely supported by the American people.

Remember, the... Read more

Letter: Enabling freeloaders is ruining nation


For the first time, I am ashamed of our country.

With the current report that half of all households pay no federal taxes, we... Read more

It's not 'Obama money' - it's ours

After watching a video recently of the lines in Detroit composed of people waiting for stimulus money, it makes me sad that so many of our fellow... Read more

Fiscal responsibility taking a beating

Contrary to popular belief, in some parts of society it is not the government that makes us great.

Many believe if government just gets... Read more