Richard Wilson

Letter: Hospital visit was superb

Recently, my wife went to Trinity Hospital for a series of medical tests requested by her doctor.

From the time we... Read more

Letter: Don't like it? Then leave...

Just like the character Chicken Little, the Associated Press put forth another soul-crunching “world is falling” article about how the GOP... Read more

Letter: Just take responsibility

I agree with the writer of the Dec. 26 letter to the editor (“The system isn’t that unfair”) responding to another “woe is me” letter from... Read more

Letter: Hold parents responsible

On the front page of the Nov. 24 Augusta Chronicle was an article by Walter C. Jones titled “Results prompt call for... Read more

Letter: Low skills, low wages

I agree with a retired senior citizen who worried recently that his or her quality of life would go down if the minimum wage was raised to $15 per... Read more

Letter: Article unfair to police

Was the picture and article on Page 3A of the May 14 Augusta Chronicle – about a recent police shooting in Madison, Wis. – really... Read more

Letter: Today mirrors woes of 1861

While reading a 1959 book titled Quarter Master General of the Union Army: A Biography of M. C. Meigs, by Russell F. Weigley, I came... Read more

Letter: How do you defend this?

On television recently was the story of the Obama administration leaking the name of the CIA chief in Afghanistan during the president’s sneak-in... Read more