Richard J. Stuhler

Letter: Another broken law

The latest discussions about Augusta’s tax increase have not addressed the rampant waste of money by the Augusta Commission.

There was $25,... Read more

Letter: Make art from ice damage

A number of years back, Buffalo N.Y., experienced a major October snowfall when the trees still had all their leaves. As a result there were more... Read more

Letter: We're doing it to ourselves...

The recent mass murders allowed all the pundits – including our president – to jump on the bandwagon of gun control and violent video games. This... Read more

Letter: What a TV wasteland

In 1961, Newton Minow, head of the Federal Communications Commission, stated that television is a vast wasteland. Anyone who even turns on a... Read more

Letter: Berckmans plan flawed

I was unable to attend the meeting concerning the “realignment” of Berckmans Road, but have followed the process of the proposed changes in ... Read more