Richard Fagerlund

Richard Fagerlund: Verify pest control companies

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Premise's granules are helpful against termites...

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Know before you spray

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Getting rid of flies

We constantly have flies in our home. How can we treat them without fogging our house, which one exterminator suggested? – B.B.,... Read more

Bugman: Dealing with paper wasps

I get a lot of questions on paper wasps. They are the wasps that make the honeycomb-like nest around the eaves of your house.

A paper wasp... Read more

Bugman: Keeping pests out of the house

If you want to keep almost all bugs out of your home, there are several practical measures you can take to help. Keep in mind that no matter... Read more

Bugman: Diatomaceous earth deters snails

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Bugman: Removing silverfish from the home

How can we get rid of silverfish in our home? They aren’t a serious pest, but a nuisance and I don’t want to use pesticides if I can avoid... Read more

Ask the Bugman: Removing termites

Question: My garden has termites (subterranean). They are currently in the wood used for the raised beds and I would like to remove them... Read more

Tiger mosquito is a biter

My roomate, who is something of a bug magnet, had an Asian tiger mosquito land on his shirtsleeve May 5 while in our backyard. Do you know... Read more