Richard E. Hogue

Letter: Bring back capitalism

The rhetoric over Obamacare overshadows the question of whether it is good for the nation or whether it will cause the collapse of the monetary... Read more

Letter: Revenge is for God, not man

There is a difference between revenge and justice. By the dictionary, justice is the administration of what is just by assigning merited rewards... Read more

Letter: America is godless nation

A recent letter writer asked a simple question: “Can’t we just coexist here?” (June 10) The short answer? No! The long, agonizing and painful... Read more

Letter: America destined to fail

America is a godless nation, destined to fail.

The truth is always hard to hear and a bitter pill to swallow. When God removes his... Read more

Letter: Forgiving the unrepentant is immoral

Reinaldo Rivera has confessed to the rape and murder of four women in the CSRA and appealed his death sentence.

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Letter: Has American Experiment run its course?

How much money is enough? A recent letter writer stated the question, backed it up with questionable statistics and did not understand why so much... Read more

Letter: Gulf oil spill is a warning from God


Whether people believe in God or not, the current oil spill is a piece of evidence that He does exist, and is warning the world of... Read more

Letter: No apology for your religious views


Brit Hume, may God bless his soul, opined on television that Tiger Woods might consider Christianity rather than Buddhism for... Read more