the Rev. Rob Hartley

Live life in rhythm with God

I was recently invited by my son and his pastor to baptize my grandson. As it was infant baptism, I cradled that... Read more

Dispense confidence to others

When I graduated from college in 1970, I had a brand new engineering degree and a matching job in Charlotte, N.C. The job came complete with what... Read more

Seek healthy community in times of need

We all have times in our life when the wheels seem to be coming off our lives.

They are the times when we are seemingly broken, stuck,... Read more

With God in charge, we find freedom

In today's world we are quick to say, "I am in charge of my life! That is what makes me free." Christians, however, say, "God is in charge of my... Read more

God is revealed in natural, supernatural ways

The ancient Greek word "physis" we translate into English as "nature" and it is where we get the word "physics." Physics is the study of nature,... Read more

In God's eyes, everyone has a place...


"Pharisees and the scribes were grumbling and saying, 'This fellow welcomes sinners and eats with them.' So he (Jesus) told... Read more

Through what lens do you view world?

Your world view is your "big picture," the way you harmonize all you believe about life and the world you live in. It is your way of understanding... Read more

Young people want guidance to face difficulties

Two books about the spiritual life of teens and young adults have been the focus of my reading recently.

They are Soul Searching, by... Read more