the Rev. Michael Lubinsky

Letter: St. Patrick's Day special for Augustans...

A man whose humble beginnings in the country of Ireland has profound, rich, Irish-ancestral, spiritual, human and noble implications for all in... Read more

Guest Column: It's the year of promise...

When one person makes a promise to God or to another human being, it is meant to be kept with honesty, love, commitment, sacrifice, devotion and... Read more

Letter: Reflect on our reasons to be thankful


The No. 1 reason to be thankful is we have life given to us by God. Life starts and ends with God. His love originates our being.... Read more

Guest Column: Please take up the defense for the culture of life


In the late 1990s, two Catholic personages emerged strongly on the scene of the Catholic Church worldwide to speak about the culture... Read more

Guest Column: Downtown church proud to observe its bicentennial


Wow! Two-hundred years of worshipping in downtown Augusta comes to the Church of the Most Holy Trinity.

Formed as a Catholic... Read more

Column: Augusta's Ryan was a hero, priest and poet...

What is known about the man whose statue is seen regularly on Greene Street in front of St. John United Methodist Church? The man is a hero and... Read more

Column: Enjoy blessing of being a dad

What a blessing to be a dad! Yes, the gift of being a loving dad to sons and daughters is a godly gift that is so wonderful, fantastic, honorable... Read more

Guest Column: Parting thoughts for our graduates

Dear graduates of high schools, colleges and graduate schools:

You must be wondering what life has in store for you after graduation. Well,... Read more

Guest Column: Feast celebrates His divine mercy


How incredible that this Masters Sunday in Augusta also is a very special feast in the Catholic church liturgical calendar. It is... Read more

Guest Column: The Irish are coming! The Irish ...

St. Patrick's Day is coming here to all in Augusta, and the spirit of the Irish will be made known.

The Irish are known for their great... Read more