the Rev. Michael Lubinsky

Letter: Pope to lead world's youths...

The 14th International World Youth Day 2013 will be July 23-28 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, with more than a million youths gathered to hear Pope... Read more

Letter: Pray for our next pope

This month, hundreds of Catholic cardinals are assembling at the Vatican to select among their number the successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

... Read more

Letter: Christmas celebration can begin

Yes, dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, the season of Christmas begins Dec. 25 on the day our true love, Jesus, became like us in his human... Read more

Letter: Join us in a Year of Faith

The Year of Faith began this past month of October by Pope Benedict XVI to open the door to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, to evangelize all... Read more

Letter: Easter is about new life

Why are we afraid of death?

There are natural fears about dying, because we like the familiar and the ordinary. Earth is a nice planet, and... Read more

Letter: How will you observe Lent?

What does Lent mean? It means spring and 40 days to get ready for Easter.

Lent begins with the celebration of Ash Wednesday, Feb. 22, with... Read more

Letter: Keep Christ in Christmas

The fact that there are 12 days of Christmas confirms the reason for the season. It is all about Jesus’ birth at Bethlehem as a baby to Mary and... Read more

Letter: Remember to respect life

There is a gift called life – a sacred gift from God for us to protect, defend and safeguard from the culture of death. October has been... Read more

Column: World Youth Day starts with journey of faith

As you read this today, there will be one priest from Augusta - assigned at St. Joseph Catholic Church on Lumpkin Road, named the Rev. Matthew... Read more

Column: A message to graduates

Now is the time for all good graduates of high school, college, university and medical school, to realize the rights, responsibilities and... Read more