The Rev. John Kenney

Church could learn a lot from coffee shop

I Love coffee. A lot. So I spend a fair amount of time at local coffee shops. In the early days of visiting the... Read more

John Kenney: Grace fills gap in broken relationship


Have you ever been hurt by someone close to you? Betrayed by a friend? When that happens it’s almost inevitable that distance is... Read more

God uses ordinary people


A common definition of the word is: “of no special quality; unexceptional.”

If we... Read more

Easter surprise alters lives, history


Eggs! Everywhere! It’s Easter weekend and egg hunts are happening all over our community – in backyards, at churches and at parks.... Read more

Make an Old Year Resolution

I hate them. New Year’s Resolutions. You know, those annual “I’m going to live different this year” notions we all come up with.

By mid-... Read more

Storms of life are test of faith

Suffering. Like a thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere on a bright, sunshiny day, so suffering enters our lives.

A bad grade on a test,... Read more

Let God's attention drive you into life...

Ever get cut off in traffic? Yeah, me too.

How do you feel when that happens? If you’re like most people, you get angry. Some of us get very... Read more

God didn't almost give us new life...



It’s an interesting word, isn’t it? It basically means “nearly.” I almost got an “A” on the test. Almost got up the... Read more

Dialogue reflects nature of creator

A few months ago I saw a guy with a megaphone on a street corner downtown. I wasn't sure what he was saying so I rolled down my window. As I drove... Read more