Stories by The Rev. Jerry Ragan

Friday, July 29, 2016

Letter: Imam should speak out

It would go a long way for all of us to welcome all those Muslims of good faith who have recently immigrated to this land of freedom.
By The Rev. Jerry Ragan

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Guest Column: Amid golf, family makes time for faith

Alex and her family will always be champions of faith.
By The Rev. Jerry Ragan

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

Letter: School name is still awful

If our government leaders will not listen to us, I hope we will remember when Gov. Deal asks for our vote for his re-election.
By The Rev. Jerry Ragan

Monday, July 9, 2012

Letter: What of religious freedom?

What the Constitution guarantees is not freedom from religion but freedom of religion.
By The Rev. Jerry Ragan

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012

Letter: Stand behind school choice

Social justice requires that all parents be given meaningful opportunities to create and have their children educated in the schools of their choice.
By The Rev. Jerry Ragan

Friday, Jan. 29, 2010

Letter: 'Roe v. Wade' rally gets short shrift

The March for Life occurs every year on Jan. 22 to mark the anniversary of the decision in the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. Why isn't The Augusta Chronicle paying attention to this ...
By The Rev. Jerry Ragan
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