the Rev. Dan White

Kingdom of Christ overcomes hatred


A highly skilled young pilot led the attack on Pearl Harbor 64 years ago, killing 2,403 Americans, plunging the United States... Read more

Narcissa Whitman answered God's call despite obstacles...


Like me, you’ve probably never heard of her. You should have.

I recently ran across her in a book chronicling Rinker and Nick... Read more

White: Nation's hymn reminds of God's blessings


There’s something about the Rockies that gets deep in a woman’s soul.

Last summer, my wife spent a week on a horseback-riding... Read more

Full life means experiencing all emotions


Who doesn’t want to be happy? I think most, if not all, of us have the wish and desire for happiness in life. I certainly do.

... Read more

Letter: We mustn't strike Syria...

I want to register my opposition to any U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war, including retaliatory military strikes being considered by... Read more

Give your children the father's blessing...

On Labor Day weekend 1981, I preached the dedication sermon for our new church building in Dallas, Penn. Mom,... Read more

Faith endures through generations


After the funeral of my grandmother, I remember my mom and dad, aunts and uncles saying, “We’re the next generation to go.” They... Read more

What do men want? Respect


In the comedy What Women Want, Nick, played by Mel Gibson, has a fluke accident which enables him to hear what women think... Read more