Stories by the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Nov. 7, 2014

Full life means experiencing all emotions

Jesus showed that all of our emotions mysteriously weave and work together, making the heart into a beautiful tapestry.
By the Rev. Dan White

Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013

Letter: We mustn't strike Syria

I hope and pray that Congress will not authorize the use of military retaliation against Assad, and that Obama will back off his desire to use the U.S. military against Syria.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Aug 30, 2013

Give your children the father's blessing

One of the most treasured gifts my father gave me was given posthumously. It was not an inheritance.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, June 28, 2013

Persecuted forefathers helped win religious freedom

Before the First Amendment was added to our Constitution, pastors had to have government approval to work. Magistrates could and did issue warrants to arrest pastors who refused to be licensed by ...
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, May 17, 2013

Faith endures through generations

When I was younger, my parents' stories bored me. Now I'm the one telling the stories.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Jan. 25, 2013

What do men want? Respect

Aretha Franklin's hit "Respect" was not written by a woman. It is by the great soul man from Macon, Ga., Otis Redding, who captured a man's deepest soul need in song.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Nov. 9, 2012

God helps us press on through disease

There are 26 million people with diabetes in the United States, including me. You don't have to let diabetes control your life.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Oct. 5, 2012

Column: Be angry and "sin not"

Learn to break the habit of aggressive, open anger.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, July 13, 2012

Good Samaritan good at heart

Trip proves there are still people who do the right thing.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, June 15, 2012

Jesus became like us

The presidential candidates try to show that they are like the 99 percent of unwealthy Americans, but they are not. Jesus, however, became just like us.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, May 11, 2012

Join Israel in celebration of independence

In December 1894, French Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew, was tried and unjustly convicted of treason in a military court. He was sentenced to spend the rest of his life on Devil’s Island.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, March 30, 2012

Golfer uses game as faith platform

Phil Mickelson won his third Masters in 2010. That day, Mark and Amy Wilson watched Mickelson drain his birdie putt on the 18th hole from the delivery room of a hospital in Elmhurst, Ill.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Jan. 6, 2012

God's love can free us from bondage

Tipper is free, but he lives in a caged mind chained to the past. Tipper’s story is not only a dog story. His is a people story, too.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Dec. 2, 2011

Army doctor has calling to serve

The woman barely was able to walk into the Charlie Medical Clinic on the Army base in Ramadi, Iraq. Faint and weak from internal bleeding, the cramping pain in her pelvic region was more than she ...
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Oct. 21, 2011

Woman lives for God after illness

After survivng a childhood illness, Virigina Moody continues to live a life of service to God and others in the Augusta area.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Sept. 9, 2011

Musician hit bottom, then gospel lifted him

Ron Gibbs and his band, The Sound Dimension, entertained locals in the early 1970s, but it wasn't until later in life that he went back to his gospel roots.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, July 15, 2011

Freedoms are beacons of hope

Freedoms set forth in the Constitution are endowed to us by our Creator, rights that were a beacon of hope for people then and continue to light the way to freedom today.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, April 29, 2011

King James Bible's impact without equal

The King James Bible's importance and influence in Western civilization is without equal, and it still outsells, by far, all other English Bible translations.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, March 4, 2011

Shortage of love will cause souls to starve

God created us with deep needs. None of us are self-sufficient. Among many basic needs are the needs for food and love, food for the soul.
By the Rev. Dan White

Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

Language reflects a decaying society

A noble and worthy call for civility in speech and actions currently reverberates across our land to cleanse the air from the pollution of foul, abusive and vitriolic language laced with poisonous ...
By the Rev. Dan White
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