the Rev. Cynthia Taylor

Hold fast to the cross, not just at Easter


By some strange quirk of the calendar, April Fool’s Day, a day of jokes, pranks and foolishness, falls right in the middle of Holy... Read more

Finding meaning in Advent's placement...


We’re in the season of Advent now, which on the church calendar is considered a time of preparation, of repentance, to prepare ye the... Read more

On Labor Day, remember that work is holy

I don’t expect that our places of worship will be bursting at the seams tomorrow. We save that kind of... Read more

Be present in the present

I know it’s still summer, but I want to take you with me to a holiday meal – Thanksgiving in the Taylor family... Read more

We're different, and we're supposed to be

A couple of summers ago I was watching one of the X-Men movies with a friend who was preparing for ordination.... Read more

You can't choose how you'll die, just how you'll live...


Today, I sing a song of the saints of God. This weekend, many churches throughout Christendom are doing just that, as they celebrate... Read more

Like a new school year, Jesus offers fresh starts


Let me start out with some really great news. There are only 278 more days until the end of school.

I actually share that news... Read more

Come, sit, stay and find rest

Two of my most faithful spiritual teachers have tall, pointy ears, rich, double coats and four sturdy legs. They... Read more