the Rev. Charles Cochran

Downtown is good place to live, worship

In the old days, church pastors usually lived in a parsonage next door to the main sanctuary -- an arrangement that generally was viewed as a... Read more

For new Christian year, resolve to listen carefully to other people

If you attend a church service this Sunday, don't be too surprised if your minister wishes you a happy New Year. It will be the first Sunday in... Read more

Healthy conversation good for the soul

It has been a year since The Augusta Chronicle cracked open the door on its Your Faith page, allowing clergy folk to offer a weekly word... Read more

Cherish life's blessings, and its challenges

When I was a boy, I would lay my head on my father's belly. It was a rather distinctive belly -- a sort of round thing, more comfortable for a boy... Read more

Attention is all God needs of us

There's nothing quite like an explosion to get your attention.

A few Saturday evenings back, I was in our church fellowship hall printing... Read more

Gift from congregation bears fruit

My church gave me a red dogwood tree last October. It was a beautiful gift -- just amazingly thoughtful, commemorating my first year as pastor.... Read more

Farmer found his salvation in old age

My father was a farmer, and I spent much of my boyhood working on the family farm in rural Screven County. I learned how to drive a 2-ton truck... Read more