Perry Smith

Guest Column: Join a grand celebration

Three months ago, Augusta resident Bill Lesshaft came up with a fresh idea. Since we have an annual Woodrow Wilson symposium that honors a... Read more

Guest Column: Incremental improvements

It is great fun to watch organizations thrive through a process of step-by-step innovation. Everyone can learn from success stories both outside... Read more

Guest Column: Medal of Honor recipient delivers wisdom, inspiration in...


Recently, Medal of Honor recipient Leo Thorsness visited Augusta and spoke to seven groups. His words of wisdom were powerful,... Read more

Guest Column: Augusta welcomes another Medal of Honor winner for all to...


For three days this week, Medal of Honor recipient Leo Thorsness will be visiting our area. He will be driving over from his home... Read more

Guest Column: Great local events are coming up


One of the frustrations that many of us have is missing a really enjoyable event because we never got the word -- or knew about it... Read more

Guest column: Downtown school uses innovation to map success


One of the great milestones in recent Augusta history was the creation of Heritage Academy in 2000. Since that time the school, at... Read more

Guest Column: Westminster Schools of Augusta charting path to growth...


Last spring it was my great joy to do some teaching at the Westminster Schools of Augusta. In the morning I spoke to the assembly of... Read more

Guest Column: Young Professionals of Augusta pushing projects for a...


An organization of importance has recently emerged on the scene here in the CSRA that already is making a positive impact on the... Read more

Guest Column: City officials learn about leadership to help build a...


When asked last month to do a Saturday motivational/leadership workshop for 43 members of the Information Technology Department of... Read more

Guest Column: A testament to teamwork


Clint Bryant, director of athletics at Augusta State University, has had a chance to make many short speeches this past week as the... Read more