Perry Smith

Column: Interesting local attractions can help you beat the July heat

The welcome mild weather of June is over, and the full heat of summer has arrived. This is the time to look for cool places to spend interesting... Read more

Guest Column: As Memorial Day approaches, remember our fallen heroes

Some of the most humble people in America are our Medal of Honor recipients. When asked about this iconic medal, they often state that they don’t... Read more

Guest Column: Whither American power?

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Guest Column: Shoes, eggs, coal and restless Arab states

Recent news stories coming out of China may give us some insights into the problems the Chinese government, at all levels, is having in a host of... Read more

Guest Column: Brave sergeant to join ranks of nation's Medal of...

Last week it was announced that Army Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Arthur Petry would soon receive the Medal of Honor. Although there have been nine... Read more

Guest Column: Upcoming local events are not to be missed

Often in the Augusta area, wonderful events take place that folks miss because they do not learn about them beforehand. With that in mind, here... Read more

Guest Column: One of Augusta's high notes...

Today, at 11 a.m., the sanctuary of St. Paul's Episcopal Church will be nearly full and there will be many folks in the balcony. About 500... Read more

Guest Column: The air campaign over Libya suggests several possible...

In my last column April 3, I outlined a few possible insights from previous air campaigns that might be applied to Libya.

What is happening... Read more

Guest Column: Success in Libya hinges on what we've learned in...

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