Penny Strader

Letter: We need representation

Regarding the letter “We need a compromise” (Oct. 1):

I disagree with the writer’s premise that the Republicans are playing a “shut-down-the... Read more

Letter: Not judgment, just facts

Talk about shocked! I, too, was shocked to read the reply by Joseph O’Connell (“Writer should ‘judge not’,” Nov. 6) concerning Paul Rosenthal’s... Read more

Letter: Column on Beck rally was inspirational

What an enjoyable read Sept. 26 ("Glenn Beck's restoring Honor rally inspired peaceful throngs in D.C.")!

Pam Shumway's column covering the... Read more

Letter: Don't end twice-weekly trash pickup...


Wouldn't you know it! The most efficient city service is being looked at to see where to cut corners.

I cannot believe city... Read more

Housing solution is glaringly apparent

Regarding R. Terry Holley's letter, "Solutions absent in Barbee episode" (Sept. 22), I beg to... Read more