Pat Tortorello

Letter: Video is embarrassing

For our president to waste taxpayers’ money on a Buzzfeed online video promoting Obamacare to young people is par for the course. Does he not... Read more

Letter: Obama lags on ISIS

So much for our commander in chief. Does he ever take responsibility for anything? Does he ever tell the truth?

Now he is blaming his... Read more

Letter: State's DNR policy 'fishy'...

We received notification April 11 from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources that our registration expired for our boat. We never... Read more

Letter: Medicare policy flawed

Interesting how liberal Democrats spout out the garbage that we Republicans are responsible for the so-called “war on women.” Well, here’s some... Read more

Letter: Administration flubs tourism

Just a few short weeks ago on the news, specifically NBC and Fox News, it was reported that Walt Disney World had to close the gates for visitors... Read more

Letter: Liberal hate beyond belief

I was brought to tears while reading your editorial “Race to the bottom” (Jan. 9). The writer asked if you can get more contemptible. He was... Read more

Letter: Another Obama plan? Here we go again

So here we go again, with this $450 billion plan President Obama unveiled Thursday night. I hope it isn’t a repeat of the last stimulus and... Read more

Letter: Why is the president speaking up now?

I find it pathetic that our President Obama chose the memorial service in Tuscon to finally speak out regarding the vitriolic speech in our... Read more

Letter: Kathleen Parker's column was insulting...


Regarding Kathleen Parker's syndicated column published Sept. 2 ("It's Glenn's Beckapalooza"): She ended her editorial hoping Glenn... Read more

Letter: Thank you very much, Mr. President


This is regarding the president of the United States' comment April 15 during his speech at a Democratic fund-raiser. He was touting... Read more