Pam Shumway

Guest Column: 'Never Again Is Now' rally drew thousands in...


When more than 20,000 people from all 50 states and five foreign countries show up for a sermon, the public might be interested.... Read more

Guest Column: Know Civil War's cause...


Dr. J.B. Baxley’s Aug. 27 letter (“Why was Civil War fought?”) is astonishing.

Baxley’s mushy, erroneous version of Civil War... Read more

Letter: Right's skepticism is valid...

Paul Sanders’ Sept. 6 letter “Right shuns consensus” piqued my equanimity. I had to set the conservative perspective straight. Paul has been sold... Read more

Letter: Writer wrong on Romney

Ed Payne, M.D., was doing his conservative best in his letter “It’s God, not ‘higher power’” (July 17) – until he got to the Mitt Romney heresy... Read more

Letter: Dupuy column outrageous

Syndicated columnist Tina Dupuy’s May 11 column on legalizing prostitution is worse than her past left-wing one. You’ll hear from more people like... Read more

Letter: Consider slavery's history...

A little history review would answer Bobby Etheridge’s questions about slavery and a Constitution founded on Christian principles (“Country was... Read more

Letter: Swing states - shift right!

I can’t fathom the polls in this election. South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama will go for Mitt Romney. Those three states garner Romney 34 paltry... Read more

Letter: Movements differ vastly

Thank you for printing Henry Rockwood’s letter (“Occupiers want fairness,” Nov.25). I now know how clouded minds perceive the current situation.... Read more

Letter: Balance? Here's positive spin for Obama...

This response is my balanced, positive effort to comply with Tim Gordon’s hue and cry to the editor Sept. 16 to stop being so negative (... Read more