Pam Shumway

Guest Column: 'Never Again Is Now' rally drew thousands in...


When more than 20,000 people from all 50 states and five foreign countries show up for a sermon, the public might be interested.... Read more

Guest Column: Know Civil War's cause...


Dr. J.B. Baxley’s Aug. 27 letter (“Why was Civil War fought?”) is astonishing.

Baxley’s mushy, erroneous version of Civil War... Read more

Letter: Right's skepticism is valid...

Paul Sanders’ Sept. 6 letter “Right shuns consensus” piqued my equanimity. I had to set the conservative perspective straight. Paul has been sold... Read more

Letter: Writer wrong on Romney

Ed Payne, M.D., was doing his conservative best in his letter “It’s God, not ‘higher power’” (July 17) – until he got to the Mitt Romney heresy... Read more

Letter: Dupuy column outrageous

Syndicated columnist Tina Dupuy’s May 11 column on legalizing prostitution is worse than her past left-wing one. You’ll hear from more people like... Read more

Letter: Consider slavery's history...

A little history review would answer Bobby Etheridge’s questions about slavery and a Constitution founded on Christian principles (“Country was... Read more

Letter: Swing states - shift right!

I can’t fathom the polls in this election. South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama will go for Mitt Romney. Those three states garner Romney 34 paltry... Read more

Letter: Movements differ vastly

Thank you for printing Henry Rockwood’s letter (“Occupiers want fairness,” Nov.25). I now know how clouded minds perceive the current situation.... Read more