Pallavi Gogoi

Stocks soar after ECB vows to protect euro

NEW YORK — It was the buy signal that markets were waiting for.

When European Central Bank president Mario Draghi vowed to “do whatever... Read more

Wall Street watching banks

NEW YORK — It’s been a scandal-filled few months for banks.

JPMorgan Chase revealed a $2 billion trading loss, triggering an investigation... Read more

Stocks plunge after jobs report

NEW YORK — Investors abandoned stocks Friday after the U.S. government reported that only 80,000 jobs were created in June, the third straight... Read more

Relief over bank rescue fades

NEW YORK — A burst of enthusiasm over a rescue of Spanish banks melted away within hours Monday, and investor anxiety about the troubled finances... Read more

JPMorgan halts stock buyback

NEW YORK — JPMorgan Chase is suspending plans to buy back its own stock, a little over a week after the bank posted a large trading loss.

... Read more

Banks quietly pursuing fees for customers

NEW YORK — Big banks, facing declining revenues and a regulatory climate that leaves them fewer creative ways to make money, are quietly... Read more

Europe crisis slows recovery


NEW YORK — Citigroup has a world of problems.

The bank is proud of its global reach – 1,400 branches in 46 countries. But in... Read more

Bank of America reports $9.1 billion quarterly loss

NEW YORK -- Things keep getting worse for Bank of America.

On Tuesday, the nation's largest bank reported a loss of $9.1 billion during the... Read more