Nathan Kirby

Letter: Deputy deserves memorial

Deputy James D. Paugh’s death in the line of duty is one of the most heroic stories in Augusta’s history. It is also one of its most tragic.... Read more

Letter: Partner more with NATO militarily

It strikes me as just the teensiest bit crazy and out of whack that the United States has chipped in a couple billion dollars doing its part to... Read more

Letter: Public's guilty verdict grossly unfair...

Most people don't seem to care to understand that when you are on trial for something, you are one person with a hopefully good lawyer fighting an... Read more

Letter: Do Obama and Bush differ that much?

What's the difference between presidents Obama and Bush?

Aside from getting a watered-down form of universal health care passed by Congress... Read more

Letter: Great teachers are underappreciated

Never in my life have I thought I would see schoolteachers take such a shellacking as I have in our national discourse in the past few weeks.... Read more

Letter: Conservative talkers stir up anger

It is an interesting question: Do the daily, three-hour, anti-liberal, lunatic ravings of Rush Limbaugh, among others, have anything to do with... Read more

Letter: Democrats aren't as bad as advertised...


Some claim that all Democrats are contentious, arrogant, untrustworthy and deceitful wanna-be elitists who are above the law or... Read more

Letter: City should draw big entertainment


Kudos to James Brown Arena and Bell Auditorium. Since Christmas 2009, it's staged three sellout or almost-sellout concerts. In fact,... Read more

Letter: Criticism of Obama is exaggerated


All the comments and letters The Augusta Chronicle publishes accusing President Obama of doing what he wants and not... Read more

Letter: Government banking policies paradoxical


So the dude in office before President Obama, who believed in a 100-percent free market, let the business world operate independent... Read more