Nathan Kirby

Letter: Partner more with NATO militarily

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Letter: Public's guilty verdict grossly unfair...

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Letter: Do Obama and Bush differ that much?

What's the difference between presidents Obama and Bush?

Aside from getting a watered-down form of universal health care passed by Congress... Read more

Letter: Great teachers are underappreciated

Never in my life have I thought I would see schoolteachers take such a shellacking as I have in our national discourse in the past few weeks.... Read more

Letter: Conservative talkers stir up anger

It is an interesting question: Do the daily, three-hour, anti-liberal, lunatic ravings of Rush Limbaugh, among others, have anything to do with... Read more

Letter: Democrats aren't as bad as advertised...


Some claim that all Democrats are contentious, arrogant, untrustworthy and deceitful wanna-be elitists who are above the law or... Read more

Letter: City should draw big entertainment


Kudos to James Brown Arena and Bell Auditorium. Since Christmas 2009, it's staged three sellout or almost-sellout concerts. In fact,... Read more

Letter: Criticism of Obama is exaggerated


All the comments and letters The Augusta Chronicle publishes accusing President Obama of doing what he wants and not... Read more

Letter: Government banking policies paradoxical


So the dude in office before President Obama, who believed in a 100-percent free market, let the business world operate independent... Read more

Letter: Limbaugh right? Numbers say otherwise


Yes, indeed, Rush Limbaugh is getting paid $400 million for always being "right." Every hour of his show since President Obama's... Read more