Molly C. Gray

Letter: Don't dwell on Trump...

I was sorry to see The Augusta Chronicle waste space with an editorial July 8 about Donald Trump and his ridiculous statement about... Read more

Letter: Beware the Pied Piper

At last I understand the meaning of what’s going on in the Middle East, and see the reason our “Professor-in-Chief” at the White House refuses to... Read more

Letter: Counterbalance Sharpton

The media have had a royal wingding 24/7, beginning with the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida, and continuing into the trouble in Ferguson,... Read more

Letter: Obama is 'empty suit'...

Surely the decision to print the Jason Stanford column “President Obama’s diplomatic victories are the best you’ve never heard” (Aug. 10) was a... Read more

Letter: Welcome Benghazi probe

In response to the May 7 letter “Benghazi fever spreads,” I would like to reply that it’s about time a fever of investigation brings to light the... Read more

Letter: Forgive neglected dogs

“Barking mad” is how disgusted I felt after seeing the photograph accompanying the editorial titled “Barking mad” on the front of the Feb. 23... Read more

Letter: Obama's behavior familiar...

I wonder if anyone else has noticed a similarity between President Obama and two well-known names from the past – the Artful Dodger, a character... Read more

Letter: Letter accomplished nothing

On Sept. 28, Lowell Greenbaum received “Featured Letter” status in The Augusta Chronicle to rant about U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (“Cruz is the... Read more

Letter: Don't arm teachers...

In response to the letter “Teachers should be armed” (March 2), I strongly disagree with the writer’s rationale.

The idea of battling... Read more

Letter: Writer misguided on hatred

I was surprised and a bit confused by Edward Maner’s guest column for The Augusta Chronicle titled “Obama is an unfair victim of hatred... Read more