Michele Falin

Fossil club will rock you

Fossils may bring to mind museum dinosaurs displays, but you may also find one right under your feet when you least expect it, according to... Read more

Teen Spotlight: Jonathan Babb

STATS: 15, freshman at Midland Valley High School

WHAT: Tech crew member, Upward Basketball

HIS STORY: ... Read more

It's spring, when seniors all become infected

It's that time of year when senioritis has become epidemic.

Here are the symptoms: laziness, chronic fatigue, loss of motivation and lack... Read more

Octuplets' mother should have been happy with 6

When Nadya Suleman gave birth on Jan. 26 to live octuplets, it was only the second such occurrence in U.S. history. Though it might seem... Read more

Essentials: Writing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is an integral part of any English paper. Lisa Deibel, the AP English literature teacher at Midland Valley High School, offers... Read more

Teen speak

'It's been a month. Have you kept your New Year's resolution?'

"Yes, bring up my grades." Jordan Martin, 13, eighth grade at Langley... Read more

Togetherness helps softball team

The Midland Valley High School varsity softball team, last year's region champion, is preparing for the upcoming season, taking part in practice... Read more

The essentials

After winter break, many students do not feel like studying as much as they did before the break, and consequently their grades drop. Mary... Read more

Xtreme Profile: Evan Williams

Evan Williams is a Boy Scout on a mission. Evan, a sophomore at Midland Valley High School, is a Life Scout who is working on achieving Eagle... Read more

How old is too old to go trick-or-treating?

... Read more