Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan: What can our youth do for our country? We want them to...

The key to America’s future may rest in words uttered 54 years ago – and on our ability to get our kids to buy into them.

It was on Jan. 20... Read more

Column: Standing against Islamic nihilism isn't hate -- it's...

There’s a photo illustration making the rounds on social media featuring two eggs – one white, one brown – and what they look like after being... Read more

Ryan: Concerned about America? It's time to actually do something...

Lots of folks tell me they’re sick and sleepless over the direction of the country.

But not one has offered what he or she is doing about it... Read more

Michael Ryan: CPAC's pure conservatism turned heads, changed minds...

One of the young lions I met at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., last week was stunned by what he heard there.... Read more

Ryan: Strength and heart: Departing sheriff still commands respect

I had lunch with Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry the other day.

Well, that’s what it felt like, anyway.

I went to a local barbecue... Read more

Michael Ryan: Work filled with reward, responsibility

I recently discovered an early Peanuts cartoon strip that made me smile more than usual.

The Peanuts gang was playing navy, and had... Read more

Michael Ryan: In your words: Mountain of mail opposes university name

Georgia Regents University is a horrid name for Augusta’s new consolidated university.

But don’t take our word for it.

Take yours.... Read more

Xtreme Profile: Stephen Lam

Stephen Lam, 17, is aiming for an amazing senior year.

"I'm taking classes I've always wanted to take but never had time for before," the... Read more

Time capsule talk

What would you put into a time capsule?


STATS: 17, Greenbrier High School junior... Read more