Michael Ryan

Ryan: Asking 'What can I do for you?' could help cool down...

Nothing describes modern American society today so much as the term “constant childish conflict.”

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Ryan: Patriots, do your job!

If a football team isn’t playing the way it should, the coaches change the plays or the players.

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Ryan: Living in infamy: Must we have to see mass killers' mugs...

What happens when a drunk or disorderly fan jumps onto the field of play in a televised game these days?

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Ryan: Now is the time for all good Jodi Lotts to come to the aid of...

There never was a good time for Americans to sit on the sidelines when it comes to how our country is run.

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Ryan: To heal our nation, does America need a doctor?

Well-grounded retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is likely the same gentleman he was before he began running for president.

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Column: Will we ever get the space to build?

Anger, angst, frustration and protest. It’s all understandable after yet another black man, this time in Baltimore, dies at the hands of police... Read more