Michael Ledo

Letter: Is this life under Trump?

I can’t wait for a Donald Trump presidency. We will have a colony on Mars; the Martians will pay for it. He will renegotiate the Magna Carta... Read more

Letter: Don't alienate Muslims...

You probably didn’t hear about the six Muslim terrorists who attacked Lackawanna, N.Y., in 2002, or the seven that attack Portland, Ore., in... Read more

Letter: Right is still shrill

Nelson Mandela, praised by the media upon his passing, was once bad-mouthed by the conservative white establishment, including Paul Harvey, who... Read more

Letter: Syria affair grows absurd

President Obama doesn’t want to take action against the Syrian regime because they are killing their own people. He wants to do it because they... Read more

Letter: GOP still 'the stupid party'...

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has proclaimed his own Republican Party to be “the stupid party.” Thanks to a large group of conspiracy-minded,... Read more

Letter: Candidate shows disdain

Mitt Romney’s candid remarks shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who has followed his poorly planned campaign.

This businessman made money by... Read more

Letter: Mortgage case is huge

The most important court case to have been decided in the past year has been largely ignored by the media.

In the U.S. Bank National... Read more

Letter: Cain lacking credibility

I can now tell when Herman Cain is lying. His lips are moving.

In the “he said, they said” debacle, it is clear Cain cannot handle adversity... Read more