Michael Duff

Searching for answers as blogger losses grow

Four of my favorite bloggers joined the ranks of the unemployed this month.

Alex Balk and Choire Sicha of Radar Online lost their jobs Oct... Read more

Female geeks have found their own Internet voices

My favorite Internet hoax was executed in 2005 by a Libertarian blogger who was tired of being ignored by his community.

The self-styled "... Read more

Culture of snark dominates blogs

"There's this new generation that has grown up online only knowing blogs as having snarky comment areas and never realizing it used to be a... Read more

Everything is revealed to Google Street View

If you are in the habit mowing the lawn in your underwear early on Saturday mornings, you should probably go by Google Street View and punch in... Read more

Apple's updated iTunes offers two new features

I'm not an Apple fanboy, OK?

Sure, I have posters and brochures and newsletters and stuff, but that's all part of my job. It's not like I... Read more

'Mad Men' on Twitter puts you in campaign

I remember a Dungeons & Dragons cartoon about fantasy characters sitting around a table pretending to be lawyers, accountants and office... Read more

Versatile iPhone more than gaming platform

Judging by popularity, you'd think the iPhone was primarily a game platform. The fancy sensors and tilt functions built into the phone provide a... Read more

The best iPhone protection? Lock your doors

Does anybody out there believe in karma? Pride coming before falls and so forth? This column was supposed to be about cool applications for the... Read more

For the love of iPhone

My iPhone will only accept movies made by Wes Anderson.

This sounds like the setup for a joke, but it's the truth. I had a dozen movies... Read more

Pick-up programs may work, but can pose risks

What if I told you there was a secret formula that could get you any woman you want? What if I told you all the things you're scared of -- dating... Read more