Michael Atwood

Letter: Hillary questions still linger

In Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI, the FBI’s notes show that 33 times she couldn’t remember things about national security and... Read more

Letter: Democrats anti-American

So House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is struggling with white male voters because of... Read more

Letter: Don't elect Democrats...

Socialism and communism were “invented” and advocated by Karl Marx, so another name for them is Marxism. Marx wrote more than 350 papers and... Read more

Letter: A bigger pension? Why?

President Obama has asked for an 18 percent raise for all ex-presidents. This man’s net worth went from $250,000 in 2006 to $12.2 million in... Read more

Don't fall for "debates"...

What are being presented by the media as “debates” are far from that.

A debate would be a single question asked about a... Read more

Guest Column: Instead of secular trappings, mark Christmas with...


Again it comes the season when Christians should be at their happiest and most pious as we celebrate the birth of... Read more

Letter: Know facts on Iran deal

First, understand the basics: Iran doesn’t need any enrichment capability at all. There is an overabundance of nuclear-reactor-grade uranium in... Read more

Letter: Set sane speed limit laws

If. Gov. Nathan Deal thinks towns are speed traps because they are issuing too many tickets, not in
number but in monetary value, he needs... Read more