Michael Atwood

Letter: Hillary questions still linger

In Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI, the FBI’s notes show that 33 times she couldn’t remember things about national security and... Read more

Letter: Democrats anti-American

So House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is struggling with white male voters because of... Read more

Letter: Don't elect Democrats...

Socialism and communism were “invented” and advocated by Karl Marx, so another name for them is Marxism. Marx wrote more than 350 papers and... Read more

Letter: A bigger pension? Why?

President Obama has asked for an 18 percent raise for all ex-presidents. This man’s net worth went from $250,000 in 2006 to $12.2 million in... Read more

Don't fall for "debates"...

What are being presented by the media as “debates” are far from that.

A debate would be a single question asked about a... Read more