Letter: Aviation projects willfully neglected

Boggled, anyone?

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Letter: Colleges pushing secular humanism

Perhaps the dominant theme of recent editorials in The Augusta Chronicle has been President Obama, Democrats and the economy. Virtually... Read more

Column: Help stem teen pregnancies

Somewhere this week in Richmond County, 12 young girls will become pregnant. Statistically speaking, they will face persistent poverty; a high... Read more

Letter: State-funded obesity surgery works


The anti-government angst behind the Aug. 24 editorial "A fat waste of money" is understandable, but the editorial unfortunately is... Read more

Letter: ASU suit highlights confusion over truth


I have worked at the interface of medicine, psychology and psychiatry, and morality (ethics) for 40 years, having been on the faculty... Read more

Guest Column: We should celebrate our freedom in the face of several...


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Letter: For your babies' sake, immunize them...


April 24 to May 1 is National Infant Immunization Week.

Over the past 10-12 years, many non-scientific groups have expressed... Read more

Letter: Stand up against Democrats' tyranny...


The tyranny of the Democratic left can no longer be denied.

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Letter: Beloved MCG executive will be missed


For those of you who never met, knew or worked with Pat Sodomka, you missed a wonderful opportunity.

As an associate professor... Read more

NIH funding vital to MCG mission

Every day we hear about how scientific research improves and saves lives.

Because of research, Helen Whitehead of Swainsboro, Ga. -- whom... Read more