Letter: Votes are based on beliefs

The title for A.G. Blackmon’s Nov. 2 letter was “Not electing religious head.” Now my response is not directed to him personally, but it provides... Read more

Guest Column: Ripped social fabric takes toll on America


The biggest problem facing America today is America today.

How can anyone find fault with the government when the... Read more

Letter: We must embrace biblical Christianity

The Aug. 22 Augusta Chronicle editorial page provides a contrast that is decisive for the future of America.

On the left side of... Read more

Letter: Aviation projects willfully neglected

Boggled, anyone?

I am trying to come to terms with our federal government, but I find the dysfunctional thought process in Washington too... Read more

Letter: Colleges pushing secular humanism

Perhaps the dominant theme of recent editorials in The Augusta Chronicle has been President Obama, Democrats and the economy. Virtually... Read more

Column: Help stem teen pregnancies

Somewhere this week in Richmond County, 12 young girls will become pregnant. Statistically speaking, they will face persistent poverty; a high... Read more

Letter: State-funded obesity surgery works


The anti-government angst behind the Aug. 24 editorial "A fat waste of money" is understandable, but the editorial unfortunately is... Read more

Letter: ASU suit highlights confusion over truth


I have worked at the interface of medicine, psychology and psychiatry, and morality (ethics) for 40 years, having been on the faculty... Read more

Guest Column: We should celebrate our freedom in the face of several...


As Georgians gather today with friends and family to celebrate America's Independence Day, parades, barbecues, fireworks and picnics... Read more

Letter: For your babies' sake, immunize them...


April 24 to May 1 is National Infant Immunization Week.

Over the past 10-12 years, many non-scientific groups have expressed... Read more