Letter: Judge plans on merits

On behalf of our practicing physicians, I am writing in response to the Jan. 26 editorial regarding the Columbia County hospital project (“Proceed... Read more

Letter: Adding 'Augusta' misleads...

Adding “Augusta” to the Georgia Regents University name makes it sound like this is just a branch of the university, not the mother ship!

It... Read more

Letter: We need servant leaders

My immediate reaction to the picture to the front page of the Opinion section of the Sept. 29 Augusta Chronicle was, “That is the Supreme... Read more

Letter: Avoid 'greased pig' strategy...

When I was a boy, just for fun at afternoon picnics, we participated in an amusing energy-consuming contest. A young piglet of a few months’ age... Read more

Letter: Keep thoughts with victims

Runners are always training for the next big race. For about 20,000 competitors, that big race was Monday’s Boston Marathon. This race has been... Read more

Letter: Progressivism is killing us all

Michelle Malkin’s syndicated column on homicides in Chicago under democratic socialism (“Smiley-face lies and homicide hogwash in Democratic... Read more

Letter: Take advantage of river

It was suggested that I send a summary of some of my ideas for lifestyle and economic improvement in Augusta. Here goes:

We live on a big... Read more

Letter: Regulate firearms sanely

I would like to applaud Augusta Chronicle sports columnist Scott Michaux for his Dec. 16 column (“Tragedies won’t stop if we hide from... Read more

Letter: Trust hospitals with births

The increasing frequency of home deliveries fills me with fear for mothers and their babies (see The Augusta Chronicle, Dec. 16, “Special... Read more

Letter: Education requires values

Does The Augusta Chronicle really stand for conservatism?

Your editorial “A party in crisis” (Nov. 12) is mostly right. However, it... Read more