Letter: Standards lax for decades

Once again the editors of The Augusta Chronicle cannot connect the dots.

In the editorial, “... Read more

Letter: Cry to God, or get worse

“These Disunited States” (June 5) is another diatribe that has become a mantra on The Augusta Chronicle pages,... Read more

Letter: America losing drug war

The Puritan ethic lies behind the war on drugs – a war we have lost since prohibition and continue to lose.

Heroin, for... Read more

Letter: Vote 'no' on SPLOST...

Since I moved to Augusta in 1973, if I’ve learned one thing it’s this: You always can count on the Augusta Commission to disappoint.

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Letter: Charleston response a lesson to us all

Despite the inane, senseless tragedy at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, the family of God there came together in love, peace and forgiveness.... Read more

Letter: Columnists spout illogic

One can hope that columnist Craig Douglas Albert (“Religion in society provides desperately needed social control,” March 22) can continue to... Read more