Maurine Meleck

Letter: Film scrutinizes vaccines

I am a former resident of the Augusta area, having lived there for 15 years. Last year I moved with my grandson to Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.... Read more

Letter: Vaccine law tyrannical

Ronald Reagan once said that the nine scariest words in the English language were “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Believe it.... Read more

Letter: Keep fighting for autism

I’d like to thank the editors of The Augusta Chronicle for printing the majority of my letters over the past 15 years. I wrote my first... Read more

Letter: Vaccine bill frightening

Recently I watched four hours of live testimony from a California State Senate hearing on Senate Bill 277, introduced to force mandated vaccines... Read more

Letter: Vaccines are unavoidably political

The letter is a response to the Feb. 11 letter to the editor “Separate politics, measles.”

First, vaccinations have been a political issue... Read more

Letter: Realities of Obamacare are surfacing, and they're not good...

If you watch television or read print ads, you will note that AARP tells Medicare citizens that, under their supplemental health plan, you can... Read more

Letter: Know shot options

Every time I see an ad that states, “No shots. No school,” or “No shots. No school. No kidding,” I become incredibly confused. The fact is that... Read more

Letter: More autism woes await

In the next decade, more than a half-million children with autism will age out of school and into adulthood.

Presently, the cost of... Read more

Letter: Autism still misunderstood

April – Autism Awareness Month – came and went like a typical nightmare. We witnessed countless blue lights, Chili’s restaurant cancellation of... Read more