Marion Shaw

Letter: NFL kneels are nonsense

Take a knee?

I see these NFL players take a knee during the national anthem and I don’t understand. My uncles stood up in... Read more

Letter: President sells us short

I cannot believe our president tried to say in his recent speech to the United Nations that the problems we have in the United States are anything... Read more

Letter: Where's our president?...

President Obama is missing in action!

Isn’t it a shame that when anything happens, our president is either on the way to a fundraiser,... Read more

Letter: Lawmaker's values flawed...

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a congressional district where you had a congressman who believed in the same values as you? But we have U.S. Rep... Read more

Letter: Where is our nation going?

I look around at our country and wonder: Where are we going?

More people than ever are on disability and government support. Fewer people... Read more

Letter: Same page?

I guess U.S. Rep. John Barrow and the president agree!

I understand that the video that upset Islamic people was bad, but what about the... Read more

Letter: More taxes? Outrageous

I hope all my friends who also are retired teachers have noticed the increase in our health insurance over the past year.

Guess what: With... Read more

Letter: Scrutinize 'war on women'...

Democrats say Republicans are involved in a “war on women.” We’ll let’s talk about the facts and a war.

Women’s unemployment has gone up... Read more

Letter: Are there no heroes left?

We have a president who recess-appoints people when there is no full recess of Congress. We have a president who is going to cut our nuclear... Read more

Letter: Remarks were inappropriate

Recently, I heard Secretary of State Hillary Clinton making fun of Herman Cain with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and discussing U.S. politics... Read more