Maj. Gen. Perry Smith

Column: Historic meeting of three organizations scheduled for Augusta

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Column: Museum symposium will honor three distinguished Americans

In 11 days, on Thursday, Jan. 10, a special event will be held – the Jimmie Dyess Symposium. At 5 p.m., the Augusta Museum of History will pay... Read more

Guest Column: Remembering Jimmy Doolittle -- a true hero by any measure

Seventy years ago this week, huge headlines appeared in every newspaper in America. On April 18, 1942, a small number of B-25 bombers struck Japan... Read more

Guest Column: Program uses powerful approach toward inspiring our youth

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Column: The world is in transition, and informed experts help you keep...

The year 2012 may go down as a watershed year in world affairs.

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Guest Column: Celebration time at the history museum

This new year marks the 75th anniversary of the Augusta Museum of History. To kick off the year of celebration there are two important events... Read more

Column: What drivers on the road can learn from aircraft pilots

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