Lt. Col. Mark Thompson

Too many people turn Bible into God

R. Kirby Godsey, the for­mer president of Ma­con’s Mercer Uni­versity, writes in his new book, Is God a Christian?, about... Read more

Too often we waddle when we could fly

Soren Kierkegaard wrote a story, The Tame Geese. In it, a wild goose flies over a farm and is shot by a hunter. Only wounded, he lands in... Read more

Exercise spiritual muscles regularly

There has been a great deal of publicity on Rob Bell's new book Love Wins , in which he suggest that there is no hell except the one we... Read more

Guest Columnist: Souls can be cut off from taproot of nourishment

The art of bonsai is the process of stunting a tree's growth by tying off the tap-root and forcing the plant to live on surface nourishment. Too... Read more

Ash Wednesday ushers in holy days

Ash Wednesday was not a holiday. There was no day off, no party with an Ash Wednesday theme, no Ash Wednesday three-day weekends and probably very... Read more

Thanksgiving goes beyond a day

Even after Thanksgiving, I can't help but think about giving thanks. In fact, I have been thinking about Thanksgiving a lot this year.

Last... Read more

When we are weak, God can still use us

God uses the brokenness in our lives. I read this in Patsy Clairmont's book God Uses Cracked Pots , and years ago in Nebraska I took her... Read more

Bible should not block path to God

Why have so many people left the church? Could it be the lack of ability to make sense of what is being taught?

I believe that the ability... Read more