Lowell Greenbaum

Letter: Stand up for refugees

I was more than saddened to read The Augusta Chronicle’s Sept. 14 editorial “Unsafe and unwise,” which defined this country as one that... Read more

Letter: Obama's Iran deal logical...

The question President Obama asked himself was: How do we stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb?

The Augusta Chronicle trumpeted... Read more

Letter: Nothing 'moribund' here...

It is laughable that the day The Augusta Chronicle published its attack on the Obama presidency (“It doesn’t have to be this way,” June 5... Read more

Letter: House speaker out of line

The Augusta Chronicle missed the mark in the editorial “Sensible support” (Feb. 18) when it targeted and chastised President Obama for... Read more

Letter: Is 2016 a game-changer?

There is a difference between editorially calling Democrats sycophants of President Obama and the reality that Democrats chose the principles that... Read more

Letter: Election had ups, downs

The voters across our state have spoken and have rejected the fresh and new ideas of Jason Carter running for governor and Michelle Nunn running... Read more

Letter: Barrow brings experience

This is a rebuttal to the Sept. 15 headline in The Augusta Chronicle (“Projection leans for Allen”) that has no factual evidence. It came... Read more

Letter: We should thank Obama

The Augusta Chronicle and its letter writing pals are continuously dragging President Obama down. Not only has he been chastised as a... Read more

Letter: Bill not about local races

Facts are important, but facts were not in evidence in the Augusta Chronicle editorial chastising the American Civil Liberties Union suit... Read more

Letter: Workers invisible to GOP

Our Republican governor and our Republican-controlled legislature is doing what the Republicans nationally are doing. They have decided that needy... Read more