Lorna Barrett

Letter: Support pet fundraiser

Who will be Augusta’s Next Top Dog? It could be a tiny little Chihuahua, a big handsome American bulldog, or your Heinz 57 mix.... Read more

Column: Spay/Neuter Challenge can let you help solve animal...


Have you ever seen a homeless dog or cat and wished you could do something to help them? Well, here’s your chance... Read more

Column: Good news coming for local animal companions


Reducing high shelter admissions and shelter deaths is a priority for Augusta commissioners, as they helped give... Read more

Guest Column: Charity golf tourney made big difference


The Village Deli, and lots of good friends, held our annual charity golf tournament and auction recently. We were able to raise more... Read more

Guest Column: Charity event offers many opportunity to help animals in...


Have you ever seen a homeless dog or cat and wished you could do something about it? Well, here is one way you can help. Lots of our... Read more

Guest Column: Change ordinances to reflect compassion that stray...


It is long past time for a modernization of the way animals are thought of and treated in Richmond County. We need an animal services... Read more

Guest Column: One solution works best with stray cats


The Animal Services Subcommittee tasked with reviewing and revising the animal ordinances for Richmond County is discussing several... Read more

Guest Column: Augusta can develop a true 'shelter' for...


Augusta’s Animal Services Department is a community service department, whose operations and staff are paid for by taxpayers.

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