Lindsay Garrick

Spotlight: Taylor Guerrieri

STATS: 16, rising junior, North Augusta High School

WHAT: Baseball player

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Schools put mind-ripping emphasis on a single test

The SAT is the biggest stresser facing any college-bound high school junior or senior. It's bigger than any chemistry, biology or even Advanced... Read more

Teen Spotlight: Tip Frank

STATS: 16, North Augusta High School junior

WHAT: Hockey athlete and mascot

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Teenprofile: Miranda Alexander

Miranda Alexander, 17, has many titles: Loving daughter, big sister, nursing home receptionist, varsity cheerleader, reigning beauty queen and... Read more

It's time for a little less comfort

We all love being comfortable, of being surrounded by things and people that make us feel good about ourselves and the world we live in.

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Essentials: Volunteering

Volunteering not only looks good on a college resume, it can be very rewarding as well, according to Sonita Redmond, director of United Way of... Read more

How old is too old to go trick-or-treating?

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Many factors can prevent students from graduating

Graduation. It's the day we get to march in with our friends and fellow classmates with Pomp... Read more

Xtreme Spotlight: Justin Benson

STATS: 16, North Augusta High School junior

WHAT: Drummer with the TrueNorth Church Band

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Brett Johnson

If you follow high school sports, you are probably familiar with North Augusta High School senior Brett Johnson.

Brett not only is an... Read more