Linda Parnell

Letter: Get politically involved

I think the people of the CSRA need to know about the best kept secret in the area.

The Greater Columbia County of... Read more

Letter: Dissent isn't treasonous...

In Jason Stanford’s July 6 column “Mainstreaming radicalism morphing further into GOP doctrine,” I must answer his “radicalism” claim.

“... Read more

Letter: Back Senate broadband bill

I’m responding to your Jan. 26 article “Bill would limit government Internet systems.” The article reports that local officials oppose Georgia... Read more

Letter: Support GOP women's club...

As president of the Greater Columbia County Republican Women’s Club, I would like to invite all of you to become a part of Georgia’s third-largest... Read more

Letter: But why vote to approve liberal judges?

In Sherry Barnes' May 18th letter, "Up-or-down votes are right way to go," she wrote, "I take issue with Lee Benedict's May 10 letter ('Are real... Read more

Letter: It's liberals who are out to destroy us...

To answer Tracy E. Williams Jr. ("Are Republicans out to destroy us?" Oct. 13): Are you kidding me?

What lies? What propaganda? Yes, most of... Read more

Health-care ramblings 'ridiculous'

I really don't mean this in a mean-spirited way, but come on. It is time for Lowell Greenbaum and ex-president Jimmy Carter to retire and call it... Read more

Broun stays in touch with the people

I would like to respond to Mary Francis Richards' harsh comments about U.S. Rep. Paul Broun ("Stop Broun's incessant calls, mailings," April 22... Read more