Lee Benedict

Letter: Selfless firefighters deserve thanks

This past Labor Day weekend, as has been the custom for years, firefighters across America took their own valuable time that could have been... Read more

Letter: Obama fails because he is not a leader

In 2006, prior to voting "nay," Sen. Barack Obama said, "The fact that we're here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of... Read more

Letter: Are real Republicans representing us?

Soon-to-be 53-year-old John McConnell has a job for life, a federal judgeship, thanks to Georgia's U.S. senators and a few other Republicans-in-... Read more

Column: Media simultaneously savaged Sarah Palin, protected Barack Obama

Sarah Palin was the only major party candidate on the 2008 ballot with executive experience.

Palin was the chief executive of a state... Read more

Letter: Pro-Democrat letter assumes too much


Regarding Lowell Greenbaum's Nov. 10 letter ("Democrats fared better than you think"), it probably was not wise to submit it. He... Read more

Letter: Letter unleashed hatchet job on Deal


Has it been 30 days or more? It must have, as evidenced by Lowell Greenbaum's Sept. 23 epistle ("Would voters elect a debtor governor... Read more

Letter: Comments in Congress were outrageous


On May 20, Mexican President Felipe Calderon proclaimed, "I strongly disagree with the recently adopted (illegal immigration) law in... Read more

Letter: Health-care debacle is embarrassment


Against my better judgment, I watched a few minutes of the president's daylong infomercial on "bipartisan" health-care legislation,... Read more

Actions show where Obama's heart lies

Since Barack Obama has been president, Islamic radical Abdulhakim Muhammad fired more than a dozen rounds into two American soldiers in Arkansas,... Read more

District 1 win was victory for CSRA

It more than sickens me when people make elections about race instead of candidates' views, vision and record. Character and determination get... Read more