Lee Benedict

Letter: Is government your nanny?

Oct. 30 marks an important day in American history. It is a day that we must recognize to be a crescendo to the end of self-reliance, working for... Read more

Letter: Syria strategy disastrous

America’s commander in chief sternly stated that he is drawing a red line with Syria, only to now lie about ever saying it. We know he said it. We... Read more

Letter: Paul Broun is best choice

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Guest Column: Lifetime of hurdles preceded Augusta senior's...

The Academy of Richmond County opened its doors in 1785, and was visited by President George Washington six... Read more

Letter: To understand tag tax, you must recall history

Regarding the new vehicle tag fee law: I am all for eliminating taxes, fees and other means of taking money from the people. That said, Georgia... Read more

Letter: What of profligate Obama?

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Letter: Question president's past...

Accolades to America’s media for digging and researching to reveal that Mitt Romney allegedly shaved a classmate’s head as a childhood prank in... Read more

Letter: The left again goes too far

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