Lee Benedict

Guest Column: Comparison shows Trump's superiority over media-...


I thought the media harbored bias in favor of Democratic candidates. That has been confirmed, and the... Read more

Letter: Dems hit new low on guns

Just when we thought that congressional Democrats could not sink lower, here comes their infantile sit-in over gun control.

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Guest Column: Voters shout 'No more!' in backing anti-...

The 2016 presidential primary process has been one for the ages. Open... Read more

Letter: Hollywood is hypocritical

For decades, Hollywood’s liberal elite have been mandating how we commoners live our lives.

Some of us are given its blessing as to what... Read more

Letter: Electorate has spoken

Three months after Richard Nixon resigned, the Republicans lost 48 seats in Congress. After 22 months of Bill Clinton’s tenure, the Democrats lost... Read more

Letter: Don't believe attack ad...

Just saw another one of those anti-Rick Allen commercials sponsored by the Democratic National Congressional Committee. It and U.S. Rep. John... Read more

Letter: Vote for David Perdue

I recently met with David Perdue, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in the July 22 runoff election – in large part because of an invitation, and... Read more

Letter: Vote for Blocker-Adams

I would like to ask the good people of Augusta to please vote for Helen Blocker-Adams for mayor.

I have known her for seven years, and will... Read more

Letter: Blame the right people

Soon after Atlanta’s “Carmageddon,” Hicks Evaluation Group/OnTarget Solutions polled voters from the very same Atlanta area 10-county region who... Read more

Letter: Barrow supports Obamacare

President Obama said, “We’re going to do everything we can, wherever we can, with or without Congress.” This statement flies in the face of checks... Read more