Lee Benedict

Letter: Dems hit new low on guns

Just when we thought that congressional Democrats could not sink lower, here comes their infantile sit-in over gun control.

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Guest Column: Voters shout 'No more!' in backing anti-...

The 2016 presidential primary process has been one for the ages. Open... Read more

Letter: Hollywood is hypocritical

For decades, Hollywood’s liberal elite have been mandating how we commoners live our lives.

Some of us are given its blessing as to what... Read more

Letter: Electorate has spoken

Three months after Richard Nixon resigned, the Republicans lost 48 seats in Congress. After 22 months of Bill Clinton’s tenure, the Democrats lost... Read more

Letter: Don't believe attack ad...

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Letter: Vote for David Perdue

I recently met with David Perdue, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in the July 22 runoff election – in large part because of an invitation, and... Read more

Letter: Vote for Blocker-Adams

I would like to ask the good people of Augusta to please vote for Helen Blocker-Adams for mayor.

I have known her for seven years, and will... Read more

Letter: Blame the right people

Soon after Atlanta’s “Carmageddon,” Hicks Evaluation Group/OnTarget Solutions polled voters from the very same Atlanta area 10-county region who... Read more

Letter: Barrow supports Obamacare

President Obama said, “We’re going to do everything we can, wherever we can, with or without Congress.” This statement flies in the face of checks... Read more

Letter: Is government your nanny?

Oct. 30 marks an important day in American history. It is a day that we must recognize to be a crescendo to the end of self-reliance, working for... Read more