Lawrence Devoe

Letter: Don't sour American dream...

As year-end approaches, the fiscal cliff looms large ahead. Failure to resolve this economic dilemma may inflict financial hardship on many... Read more

Letter: Elections now reality show

After endless speeches, rallies, campaign ads, robo-calls, signs and stickers, the 2012 presidential election is over.

Yes, America, there... Read more

Letter: Make that important choice

The 2012 presidential election is being hailed as the most important of our lifetime. But isn’t every presidential election?

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Letter: Decision seriously flawed

The June 28 Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act has been viewed as a major victory for one political... Read more

Letter: Look at deficit problem practically

I have followed with interest the ongoing discussion on the budget deficit and the measures being considered to address it.

As a senior... Read more