Lawrence Devoe

Letter: Web site isn't the big issue...

Recently, my wife and I were having lunch with her late-20s cousin, a self-employed musician. Our conversation turned to the question of whether,... Read more

Column: There's a difference between benefits and entitlements...

While I enjoyed reading Ed Conant’s op-ed piece “Democrats should start entitlement reform with Social Security Fix” (Nov. 17), I find his use of... Read more

Letter: We need a compromise

Will today – Oct. 1, the rollout date for the much-anticipated health exchanges – usher in a medical Obamageddon?

For many patients, health... Read more

Letter: Put Congress on Obamacare

There are rumors circulating that our U.S. representatives and senators are discussing possible exemption for themselves and their staffers from... Read more

Letter: Know data on home births

A recent, quite disturbing front-page story in The Augusta Chronicle (“... Read more

Letter: Obamacare still has issues

The Affordable Health Care Act will make the biggest change in how we receive medical care since the inception of Medicare, adding millions to... Read more

Letter: Can we truly be safer?

Twelve years ago I ran the Boston Marathon, and crossed the finish line in a moment of sheer joy. It took some time to find my family, but I never... Read more

Letter: Get bipartisan, cut spending

Millions of Americans watched with bated breath as the sequester saga unfolded. On stage left was the president refusing to compromise with the “... Read more

Letter: Partisan politics ruinous

The fiscal deliberations among the House of Representatives, the Senate and the president have all the trappings of a televised political... Read more

Letter: Don't sour American dream...

As year-end approaches, the fiscal cliff looms large ahead. Failure to resolve this economic dilemma may inflict financial hardship on many... Read more