Lawrence Devoe

Letter: Who can beat Hillary?

For those 24 million hardy souls who endured the two hours of the so-called Republican presidential candidate debate Thursday, there were few if... Read more

Letter: Docs hate cyber red tape

A longtime fan of Charles Krauthammer’s pithy columns, I took particular interest in his recent “Why physicians quit” (May 30). Krauthammer often... Read more

Letter: Clinton lacks integrity

Hillary Rodham Clinton has tossed her hat into the presidential contest ring. This is not a surprise, as the non-suspense for this announcement... Read more

Letter: Care act unaffordable

Obamacare is approaching yet another legal crossroads, as the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing the King v. Burwell case. The central... Read more

Letter: Separate politics, measles

Many American seniors remember the epidemics of poliomyelitis that crippled and killed many young children in the United States. The development... Read more

Letter: GOP must compromise

Two years ago, following a contentious presidential election campaign, I wrote a letter to the editor that referred to the United States as a “... Read more

Letter: Prepare for outbreaks

In a real case of life imitating art, the current Ebola “crisis” recalls the 2011 film Contagion, in which a traveler, returning from an... Read more

Letter: Stop attacks on women

An assault by a National Football League player on his girlfriend (now his wife) was recorded by an elevator surveillance camera and later shown... Read more

Letter: Don't keep killers alive...

The glorification of serial killers should be stopped.

On July 24, an episode of Southern Fried Homicide aired on the Investigation... Read more

Letter: Fixing the VA starts now

With the recent announcement of Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation, it appears the major and serious issues regarding... Read more