Lauren Noto

Sharing music files widespread among teens

No one except the record companies bat an eyelash at it. With one simple Google search and a captcha, someone looking for the new Black Eyed Peas... Read more

Your Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Statuses

Facebook is an interesting conundrum: the premise of the idea is that people actually care when you've brushed your teeth or taken your dog out... Read more

Wasting time over winter break beneficial

After holidays and stress of last minute cramming and studying for exams comes a well-earned period that can be used to your satisfaction, if you... Read more

One Act Results

On Saturday, Harlem High School, Evans High School, Lakeside High School, John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, Cross Creek High School, and... Read more

One Act, hours of effort for high school drama departments

Shorter than your average musical, but longer than your little sister's Rapunzel re-enactment, One Act plays pack a serious punch.

This... Read more

Peace sign popularity continues to grow

Although a peace sign is something widely recognized on everything from bags to bridges, its origins still remain a mystery for most teens. Called... Read more

Crutches add insult to injury

Simply put, crutches are two metal sticks that go under a person's arms and allow the user to limp around without putting weight on an injured leg... Read more

Paying for grades sends mixed messages

Though most teens get just a pat on the back for good grades, freshmen in Chicago's public high schools get checks. The payout is $50 for As, $35... Read more

Spotlight: Emily Bragg

Emily Bragg

STATS: 18, Greenbrier High School senior

WHAT: STAR student who acts and debates

HER STORY... Read more