Larry Rodgers

Letter: Label terrorists correctly

Can anyone remember what the or she was doing 12 years and eight months ago on Sept. 11? I do, and I am sure if you check the date you too will be... Read more

Letter: Terrorism still real threat

Again, President Obama makes light of terrorism with regards to the upcoming Olympics in Russia. He just cannot bring himself to even utter the... Read more

Letter: Have a happy Thanksgiving

Well, it’s turkey time again – family get-togethers, green bean casseroles and pecan pie.

Aside from the food and family, this very special... Read more

Letter: Our America could fade

Knowing that the pendulum always swings back in the other direction, there is a collective group of Republicans-in-name-only, left-leaning... Read more

Letter: Society's slide is to blame...

For some who read the Sept. 13 letter to the editor concerning single moms (“Keep the family together”), one might take from it the conclusion... Read more

Letter: U.S. influence diminishing

The list below is an example of President Obama’s picks of policy makers both past and present. It is a mixture of dubious characters totally... Read more

Letter: Whither U.S. greatness?

For those today who are treated to a seemingly unending selection of high-tech gadgets, it may interest many to learn just what our country was... Read more

Letter: Letter squarely IDs decline

Bravo, Clifford Henning, for his letter outlining the transformation of our great nation (“And now, the future news,” June 21).

I could add... Read more

Letter: Recalling past elections

In response to the Chronicle editorial “How well we recall” (May 30): To those who think recall elections must have specific parameters,... Read more

Letter: Politics won't split family...

I have never been one to hide my political points of view. Just ask my friends and co-workers, and they will tell you that I am passionate about... Read more