Kevin Palmer

Letter: What MCG wants, it apparently gets

The Medical College of Georgia is Augusta's second-largest employer and has a $2 billion impact on the CSRA. For this reason, the Augusta... Read more

Letter: Republicans are just holiday Grinches


Republicans are not being honest. They do not really want to cut government spending. What they want is to stop using taxpayers'... Read more

Letter: Don't celebrate female football player...


Jaline DeJesus recently made history by becoming the first girl to play in a football game for one of the top-ranked teams in Florida... Read more

Letter: Keeton's views make for bad counseling...

Jennifer Keeton is confused.

She would be an effective counselor and would have no homosexual hang-ups if she were following the teachings... Read more

Letter: Get rid of double-minded politicians


Winston Churchill described Russia as "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." The same can be said about elected... Read more

Letter: South Carolina wrong on immigration


South Carolina should not be proud of taking a stand with Arizona in the oppression of illegal immigrants.

Immigration laws are... Read more

Letter: Conservatives fundamentally dishonest


Conservatives and those with a similar mind-set are dishonest. They masterfully misrepresent. What they represent outwardly is not... Read more

Letter: Nation sheds God, takes up entitlements


Health-care reform is another government Trojan horse. It's more proof that America is no longer a practicing Christian nation.... Read more

No outrage over cigarette tax hike?

Effective April 1, cartons of cigarettes will cost an additional $6 per carton.

I do not smoke. I know cigarettes can lead to cancer and... Read more