Kevin Palmer

Letter: New standards diminish true greatness

The bar has been lowered. The standards for sainthood and peacemaker have changed.

Pope John Paul II was recently beatified, even though he... Read more

Letter: Both political sides awash in coarseness

This is in response to your "Heaping hatred" editorial March 26. It was obvious the writer was suffering from a case of selective amnesia.

... Read more

Letter: What MCG wants, it apparently gets

The Medical College of Georgia is Augusta's second-largest employer and has a $2 billion impact on the CSRA. For this reason, the Augusta... Read more

Letter: Republicans are just holiday Grinches


Republicans are not being honest. They do not really want to cut government spending. What they want is to stop using taxpayers'... Read more

Letter: Don't celebrate female football player...


Jaline DeJesus recently made history by becoming the first girl to play in a football game for one of the top-ranked teams in Florida... Read more

Letter: Keeton's views make for bad counseling...

Jennifer Keeton is confused.

She would be an effective counselor and would have no homosexual hang-ups if she were following the teachings... Read more

Letter: Get rid of double-minded politicians


Winston Churchill described Russia as "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." The same can be said about elected... Read more

Letter: South Carolina wrong on immigration


South Carolina should not be proud of taking a stand with Arizona in the oppression of illegal immigrants.

Immigration laws are... Read more

Letter: Conservatives fundamentally dishonest


Conservatives and those with a similar mind-set are dishonest. They masterfully misrepresent. What they represent outwardly is not... Read more

Letter: Nation sheds God, takes up entitlements


Health-care reform is another government Trojan horse. It's more proof that America is no longer a practicing Christian nation.... Read more